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All About Abdominals Infographic infographic


Tummy, stomach, washboard, six pack, beer belly…whatever the preferred lingo, defined abs are most certainly desired. Believe it or not, the term “six pack” is searched for more than 1.2 million times a month on Google!

We’ve all heard of “washboard stomach,” but do we know what it really means? The rectus abdominis a.ka. “six pack” muscles run vertically on each side of the abdomen. The muscles on the sides of your torso are also part of your abdominals, whereas your external and internal obliques help you bend your torso from side to side, and from left and right.

A fun fact about abs: the first six-pack shown across the silver screen caused quite the stir! When Gone With the WInd actor, Clark Gable removed his button-down and bared his belly in the 1934 film, It Happened One Night, it’s said that undershirt sales plummeted!

Well-defined abs generally become visible at around 10 percent body fat or lower, but nearly 90 percent of U.S. adults are unhappy with their abdominal muscle tone, and would gladly have a flatter stomach or lose that stomach fat altogether.

For core training guidelines, the American Council on Exercise states the “most effective ab-targeted moves can actually be done at home with minimal equipment.” These moves include frequency, form & technique, sets and reps and resistance exercises.

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